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Word games

• Since 15 years, we are the supplier of games for important daily newspaper such as : Le Journal de Montréal, Télé 7 jours, 24 heures, Le Journal de Québec, and more than 50 local newspapers.

• We offer the biggest range of word and number games with 7 monthly publications: Mots croisés, Mots cachés, Entrecroisés, Sans cases noires, Débrouillés, Des jeux, des jeux, Sudoku.

• Our publications have a strong visual identity and a very user-friendly layout that customers easily recognize.

• Our publications have more games (more pages) than our competitors’ products, for the same suggested retail price.

• We can create custom books. We develop an exclusive product with your logo, in a different size, with an original design, etc.

• All our products are “ guaranteed sale ” and labelled when you receive them.

• We make our products ourselves, so we are never back order.

• Word and number games are in demand and very appreciated products, above all when they are offered at reduced price. These publications have a faithful clientèle.

• According to our statistics, word and number games are the most valuable publications in the book department of “ large surface ” stores.


Inexpensive books

• We are specialised in the distribution of books at reduced prices, so we have the largest range of books: fiction and litterature, psychology, well being, health, cookbooks, children books, etc.

• We own the exclusivity of the products that we do not manufacture ourselves.

• These products are retailed at the price of $ 2,95 to $ 19,95.

• We can participate to the bookfairs you organize.

• All of these products are offered to you in «guaranteed sale».

• This book selection will ensure you important sales in a short-term period with a small inventory.


In brief, we really would like to become one of your suppliers for crossword puzzles and books at reduced prices. We are sure that we could efficiently match your expectations because we have the expertise and the experience, the products and also the team. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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